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Book 1

Mary Lee Tiernan - Dreams Untangled Series

Book 2:  Waking Up Crazy

Maddie wakes up in a nightmare worse than any she ever dreamt in her sleep. She finds herself in a sanitarium, not knowing how she got there or why she’s there. Tortuous weeks pass by as she tries to climb out of the black hole in her memory and piece her life back together. But most of all, most important of all, she wants to find Luke despite the lies she’s been told about him. 

Dreams Untangled

Book 2

It is highly recommended that you read Book 1 - Silent Ending before reading Book 2 - Waking Up Crazy.

Book 1:  Silent Ending

Deciding she needs a break from the problems that plague her at home, Maddie heads to a mountain lake for a week’s vacation and finds more than she ever hoped for with a November romance. All is not idyllic, however, when she decides to stay at the lake. Flashbacks to her home in the desert disorient her. Photos disappear from her phone. Nightmares and headaches disrupt her nights and days. Maddie clings to Luke for answers, but only she can untangle the source of these troubling incidents.