I am always looking for beta readers to give me their opinions on my latest efforts.

A beta reader is someone who likes to read and may be asked to do many different tasks from identifying mechanical problems to commenting on the story and characters. Think of a beta reader as a non-professional editor.

I am primarily looking for feedback on the content, or the story itself. Do you like it or not? Does the plot flow smoothly or are there any holes in it? Are there any problems with continuity? Are the characters believable? Are you kept in suspense about what will happen next?

In other words, Iā€™d like you to simply read the book and then let me know what you liked ā€“ or disliked - about it or whether you came across any problems that interfered with the reading or if you feel that something could be improved.

Please note that a beta reader is not paid. As I said before, beta readers are people who love to read and enjoy giving their input on an unpublished book ā€“ and helping an author. Of course, you would receive a free copy to read.

If you are interested in being a beta reader, please contact me on my contact page and tell me a little about yourself.

Mary Lee